How to Think Through Your Own Thoughts

We love fall at our house.  My Little Man in particular loves fall because of an awesome event called Touch a Truck.  Kids of all ages pretend to be construction workers, police men, farmers, and truck drivers by sitting in all of their vehicles…and honking all of their horns.  It’s an incredibly LOUD and festive day.  Festive until I started to notice the hazard signs on the vehicles.  Like this one Continue reading


Gonna Die on the Way

Hmm...I don't know about this zoo thing.

Hmm…I don’t know about this zoo thing.

Do you remember this song?  We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo…

My song goes more like, “We’re gonna DIE on the way to the zoo, zoo, zoo”

In fact, the night before this zoo field trip, I told my DH I hoped it would be canceled.  Not because of the long day, or tired cries from a 1-year-old, or nagging to buy popcorn – or ice cream – or toys, or even the potential of a lost child.  I hoped it was canceled because I was scared to drive there. Continue reading

Worry Shark Part 2



Do you look at worry as something to actively address?  Or as something that isn’t really that big of deal?

I’ve begun to look at worry like a shark with teeth, which I affectionately call the Worry Shark.  I believe worry, according to Scripture, has sharp consequences and is something we need to deal with…like a shark with teeth. Continue reading

Worry Shark

shark-674867_1280Sharks scare me.  In fact, sharks and jellyfish have ruined my career as a sunken treasure ship explorer.  Darn it.

I’m not the only one scared.  Animal Planet listed them as #6 on the Top 10 Animals that Scare Us the Most.  The scariest thing about sharks is their teeth.  Sharks don’t just have teeth…they have rows of teeth.  And if they lose them in a ravenous battle, they grow back.  Those are some serious gnawers! Continue reading

Dirty Little Secret


eye-716008_1280I have a dirty little secret. It’s not one I like to share with many people. Who likes to share their secret struggles? If I do tell somebody, I make excuses and exceptions, but inwardly I’m cringing with shame that now someone else knows…and is judging me! So I don’t want to talk about it too much, even though it’s something I battle daily. It’s a lonely world when you can’t share what keeps you up at night. And shame only adds to problem. So why bother sharing? Continue reading