Finally Home

I just got back last night from a trip to see family.  I loaded up the 3 kids and drove six hours to get us home.  Think of it as 3 trips to the zoo!  We passed at least 9 dead deer, one that was split in half (yikes!), and one that had its legs stuck straight up in the air.

As we drove, I talked with the kids about our visit.  Big sister loved playing horsies with her oldest girl cousins, Little Man talked about how funny his boy cousin was, and Baby Girl babbled about hugs from her Aunt.  I reminded them of all the tasty food we ate (that I didn’t have to cook!).

While we all thoroughly enjoyed our visit with family, everyone was excited to get home.  We’d be able to get out of the car.  We would sleep in our own beds.  The kids would see their toys again.

But most of all, we’d get to see DADDY! 

It’d been a week since we’d been together, and everyone was anxious to reconnect.

Daddy was just as ecstatic to see us.  He came into the garage in his goofy winter hat, waving his arms, and smiling from ear to ear.

The Goofy Hat

The Goofy Hat

The kids went wild!  And for the next 45 minutes, he chased them around the house, tickling them, throwing them, wrestling them, connecting with them.

In a small way, it was a picture of heaven. 

Stick with me on this one.  Compare our life here on earth to visiting family….and compare coming home to heaven.

We loved being with our extended family.  We got to do so many fun activities and just be together and talk.  Isn’t that our life on earth?  We get attached to people and activities and our lives.

Even though my DH wasn’t with us, we talked to him on the phone and told stories about him to cousins. In a similar way, we talk to God and relate with Him daily, even though we’re not with Him in person.

But we missed our home.  And the best part about home was daddy.  Sure there were other things we were looking forward to.  But really, daddy was the best.  And man, when we got home, daddy held us all so closely.

Now I don’t imagine God will be wearing a goofy winter hat when we get to heaven, but I do believe He will hold us close.  There will be other amazing parts of heaven…

  • No more suffering
  • No more pain
  • United with the believers throughout time (can’t wait to meet Moses)
  • New heaven and new earth
  • New bodies

But the best part, by far, will be walking with God.  Revelation 21:3 says

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God.”

Do you know the last time God himself was with His people?  I”ll give you a hint…

Pic from an exhibit at the Creation Museum

Pic from an exhibit at the Creation Museum

That’s right; with Adam and Eve…in the garden…before the they ate the fruit.  God Himself walked and talked with Adam and Eve.  And He will do the same with us in eternity.  Can you even imagine that?!

These little glimpses of heaven give me an eternal perspective.  While my life here on earth is pretty amazing, life in eternity with God Himself is beyond imagination.

In a way, it helps me let go of a little worry.  This place is not my ultimate home.  So why try so hard to hold onto it?

Have you thought about what it will be like to walk with God?


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