Just Trust God

I have heard this so many times before…

Just trust God.

Not sure how to work out the conflict in your marriage?
Just trust God.

Concerned about a lingering bruise on your leg?
Just trust God.

Scared that you won’t have enough money to cover all the bills this month?
Just trust God.

Worried that you’re going to fail?
Just trust God.

Anxious about a family member who’s making poor choices?
Just trust God.

I often get this answer when I share a struggle or worry.  It’s a go-to phrase for a lot of people, and something I wish I could just do.

I wish it were that easy!

I wish it were that easy!

It’s not as though trusting God is a bad idea.  Plenty of scripture encourages us to trust God.  And yet, so often I don’t trust God.  I slip into old worry habits and trust God seems like a band-aid for a severed arm.  Trusting God seems to be the key to battling worry, but it’s so hard to do…and seems empty when I try to trust in the midst of worry.

Why is it so hard to trust God?

I have two theories on this:

The first is that it’s hard to trust someone we don’t know well.

Imagine walking up to a stranger on the street, telling them about a problem, and getting the response,

“Don’t worry; just trust me and I’ll take care of it.”

Would you believe that person?  Of course not!

Why would you trust someone you don’t know? 

Now most of us don’t consider God a stranger.  We love God and know He is all loving, all-powerful, all-knowing, trustworthy, etc.  We’ve read Bible stories that reveal pieces of God’s character.

But do we continue to know God intimately?  Or does our knowing God exist simply on random stories and general concepts of who He is?

Knowing God means we daily dig into getting to know Him…as He reveals Himselfin His word.

The same is true with any relationship.  If we don’t continue to know others, we grow distant from them.  The more distant we are from them, the harder it becomes to trust them.  Of course we would never consider them strangers.  We still know generalities about their character.  But the further we get from intimately knowing them, the harder it becomes to remember why we can trust them.

It is vital to know God through daily devotion and prayer.
We need to know the God we’re supposed to trust.  And know Him beyond the speed dating answers of He’s

  • all-powerful
  • all loving
  • trustworthy
  • always with us

Some of us do daily devotions and call out to God in prayer every day.  We are digging into God’s word to know His character deeper and more intimately.  But still, we struggle to trust God.

The second theory is that we don’t always know how to recall God’s trustworthiness in the midst of worry and anxiety.

As we’re worrying, we tell ourselves, “I just need to trust God.”  Or we recall a bible passage that commands us to trust God.  Again, these are true…we do need to trust God.  But in the middle of worrying, telling myself to trust God feels empty.

What if instead of trying to convince ourselves to trust God, we recall why He’s trustworthy, according to His word.  And again, not in a speed dating kind of way; but in an intimate way.  Something like,

“God, let me sing of your strength, let me sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in this time of trouble.”
adapted from Psalm 59:16

Reminding ourselves that God is our fortress and refuge offers more comfort than simply telling ourselves to just trust God or global thoughts like God is all powerful.

Or maybe in the midst of a worry you pray

“God, have mercy on me as I worry, for in you my soul takes refuge.  I cry to you God Most High, you who fulfills your purpose for me.”
adapted from Psalm 57:1 – 2

We can trust God.  Knowing His character more deeply and appealing to it are two great weapons He has given us to battle worry.  As we wield these weapons more often, our trust in God will deepen, by His grace.

Leave a comment and share a bible verse that helps us know God’s character more deeply.

10 thoughts on “Just Trust God

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  2. I began reading your blog with your latest post, but haven’t been able to stop. Thank you for making your writing so accessible and relevant to our everyday lives. My own “don’t worry” verse is Hebrews, 13:5 …”Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you” and its the many implications.

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