Know Your Weapons

The taunts of the behemoth compelled him to enter the tent.  He was appalled that this one man defied an army…and the one, true God.  Something had to be done.  The reluctant monarch armed him with bronze and blade.  Yet the lion-hearted boy could barely stand under the weight.  He didn’t know these weapons.  They were not his own.  So he shed them, took up the weapons of a shepherd, and ushered the giant to his death.

David knew his weapons.

A shepherd staff, 5 smooth stones, a shepherd’s bag, and a sling were his armory.  He knew these weapons well.  He used them everyday to guard his sheep.  He killed a lion and a bear with these weapons.  And they worked well.  They worked so well, he slay Goliath, a bear of a man.


As we continue this series of developing a solid strategy to battle worry, we need to look at our weapons.  First it’s essential to know we have weapons against worry.  It can be easy to feel helpless against our thoughts and anxieties.  We can easily feel like we’re caught in a cycle of fear, powerless to stop.  But we don’t have to be victims.

David did not look around in bewilderment when he cast off King Saul’s armor.  He did not cower in fear because he couldn’t wield a giant sword.  He knew that he had weapons he could use.  In fact, he didn’t even hesitate to gather what he needed.

Did you know we have weapons against worry? 

So what are these weapons?  I believe there are many we can consider.  One of the goals of Cast Your Worries is to help us get to know our weapons.  Below are a few:

  • intentional prayer
  • daily repentance
  • shift your focus

We will explore our weapons more in-depth through the course of this blog.  My purpose here to remind us that we have weapons – we are not helpless!

God has provided plenty of ammunition for our lifelong war on worry.  The trick is to learn how to use them in the heat of battle.  Just as David had to perfect his slinging skill, we need to practice using our worry weapons.  Some soldiers feel their weapon is an extension of their own body – that’s how comfortable and how well they know their ammo.  What would it be like if we knew our weapons that well?

While David knew his weapons well, he knew the LORD even better.  He knew that the LORD would give him victory over the giant.  He did not worry because the LORD was with him.  David trusted the LORD.

We’ll wrap up our series next week looking at this final piece of our worry strategy, Know the Man…

What are some of your weapons against worry?

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7 thoughts on “Know Your Weapons

  1. You make a great point about David knowing his weapons, but knowing God even better! I will share your blog with someone I know who is dealing with a lot of worry in her life. Thanks for the post!

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