Is Worry a Sin?

Big Sister has been in an “I’m sorry” stage lately.  She came to me the other day and said,

I’m sorry that I scratched the couch.

I never knew the couch was itchy.  Apparently it was!  Or maybe my dear 5-year-old is trying to figure out what’s okay and what’s not okay.  Or another way to put it, what’s a sin, and what’s not a sin.  At first I began to get annoyed after the 18th “I’m sorry” at breakfast time, but then I remembered she’s trying to comprehend right and wrong.

I don’t typically spend my day concerned that I’ve offended my couch.  But this “I’m sorry” stage has led me to think more about sin, and specifically,

Is worry a sin? Continue reading


5 Verses You Need on a Post It

I’m a post it note kind of girl.  I have them all over my house to help me remember different Bible truths.  So when I’m in the middle of trying to get dinner on the table with an impatient toddler wrestling my leg, I can look above my stove and read,

The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.  Psalm 103:8

It helps me in that moment to have an extra ounce of patience with my screaming banshee.  Posting bible verses strategically around the house offers a shot of reality in the midst of my broken thoughts and worrisome ways.  So I put them where I find myself worrying… Continue reading