15 Signs You Might be a Worrier

*This list is not meant to be diagnostic.  I am not a medical professional nor do I play one on TV.  This list is a collection from my own experience and those of friends.  It’s meant to let you know you’re not alone…and that maybe worry affects your life more than you’ve considered.

white van


1. One of your first thoughts when you have a headache is that it must be brain cancer.

2. You fear you’re headed for divorce when you argue with your significant other…or when you don’t argue enough.

3. You avoid making eye contact at the grocery store because you have 3 fresh pimples on your forehead.

4. You keep a canary in everyone’s bedroom as a backup to your carbon monoxide detector.

5. You have a child(ren).

6. You’ve considered moving your family into a tent and eating spam because you’re not sure if you have enough money for all of your bills.

7. You have mentally planned the funeral of a loved one (including what you will wear) even though they are neither ill nor elderly.

8. You’re concerned about finding a job, getting a job, keeping a job, the stress of your job, and/or that you’re making enough money from your job.

9. You’re concerned about  A LOVED ONE finding a job, getting a job, keeping a job, the stress of their job, and or that they’re making enough money from their job.

10. You periodically check your rear view mirror when driving home to make sure no one is following you.

11. You find it hard to dream about the future out of fear that it will never happen.

12. You spend 10 minutes in the produce section debating over whether to buy the $2.50 organic apples or the $1.20 non-organic apples.

13. You’re convinced a friend is upset with you, for no other reason than they haven’t texted you back within 7 minutes.

14. You still have canned food and bottled water left over from the Y2K scare.

15. You’re suspicious of all white vans, simply because child molesters and kidnappers always drove white vans in the show Unsolved Mysteries.  (maybe this one is just me…)

How about you?  What would you add to the list?

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2 thoughts on “15 Signs You Might be a Worrier

  1. I humbly admit to having at least 5 of these thoughts! I shake my head at myself, laugh, and must pray on!

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