I Can’t Live Like I Was Dying

Remember Tim McGraw’s 2004 country hit, Live Like You Were Dying? If you’ve forgotten in the last 11 years give a listen.

I’ve been a fan of the song for a number of years. Tim sings about a man who discovers he doesn’t have long to live due to a terminal illness. His response is to check off his bucket list and to soften his interactions with people.

In light of his imminent death, he

– loved deeper
– spoke sweeter
– was finally the husband that most the time he wasn’t
– was the friend a friend would like to have
– read the “good book”
– gave forgiveness he’d been denying
Live like you were dying is a simple phrase that has nosed its way into my thinking. In fact, it’s influenced big and small decisions in my life.

Should we go to get frozen yogurt today?
Yes, because you never know when you’ll die.

Should I call my parents tonight?
Yes, because you never know when they might die.

Should I do a mud run in August?
Yes, because you never know when you may get into an accident that leaves you paralyzed…or you might die.

Should I do a puzzle with Little Sister?
Yes, because you never know when she might die and you’ll regret not spending more time with her.  Continue reading


Insights from a Junior High Boy


If you know me personally, this post may be too much information. Proceed with caution. For those of you who don’t know me, this post may be too much information. Consider yourself warned 🙂

I like toots. I call them toots because it’s far daintier than calling them farts. I’m the kind of toot-lover that will cry laughing at a movie scene centered around uncontrollably passing gas. I guess it’s my inner junior high boy (though my toots never stink).

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How to Romance the Worry Away

Anyone who is married with kids knows that it can sometimes be difficult to stay connected to your main squeeze.

There are days my life feels like a circus…and the tickets are free. I’m juggling feeding Mister Mister his squash while helping Big Sister write invitations to her tea party. Meanwhile a Power Ranger (played by our Little Man) defeats Little Sister with a swift kick to her arm, which sends her into howls. In walks my DH, Jim, giving me the “frisky frisky” eyes.


Maybe if my ears weren’t ringing and I didn’t have drooly squash spattered in my hair!

It’s moments like these I wonder how Jim and I will stay connected. Our kids demand a lot of our attention. And with 4, these responsibilities will only change and grow.

I worry sometimes that we will be the couple who puts too much focus on the kids and not enough energy into the marriage.

Then we’ll wake up 20 years from now, distant strangers who have 4 grown children and a broken marital relationship. Continue reading

5 Ways to Put Worry to Bed

I love sleep. If sleep were an Olympic sport, I’d surely medal! I’d even consider myself a professional napper (that is, BC – Before Children). There’s nothing better than collapsing into a cozy bed, pre-warmed by my DH, snuggling into a soft pillow, and drifting into a heavy deep sleep.

There’s nothing worse than being assaulted by worry and anxiety as I’m trying to settle in for the night. Worry has often been the thief of sound sleep in Brandy-land.

Some nights dark shadows chase me and other nights my Baby Girl is falling down the stairs. And still some nights I endure a general feeling of anxiousness while I sleep. I can tell it’s been an especially stressful night when I wake and my face is sore from clenching.

So I’ve been trying some tactics to fight worry…even while I sleep!

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