How to Romance the Worry Away

Anyone who is married with kids knows that it can sometimes be difficult to stay connected to your main squeeze.

There are days my life feels like a circus…and the tickets are free. I’m juggling feeding Mister Mister his squash while helping Big Sister write invitations to her tea party. Meanwhile a Power Ranger (played by our Little Man) defeats Little Sister with a swift kick to her arm, which sends her into howls. In walks my DH, Jim, giving me the “frisky frisky” eyes.


Maybe if my ears weren’t ringing and I didn’t have drooly squash spattered in my hair!

It’s moments like these I wonder how Jim and I will stay connected. Our kids demand a lot of our attention. And with 4, these responsibilities will only change and grow.

I worry sometimes that we will be the couple who puts too much focus on the kids and not enough energy into the marriage.

Then we’ll wake up 20 years from now, distant strangers who have 4 grown children and a broken marital relationship.

Jim and I have got to be proactive and intentional in this circus. We can’t just manage the 4 monkeys in our house. We’ve got to take steps to walk together. We’ve got to do something about it!

One step we’ve taken is Simply Romantic NightsMG_4226

Simply Romantic Nights is a box set of 24 sealed creative dates. He plans 12, you plan 12. Each date card has everything you need for a romantic adventure. There’s tips on how to set the stage, build anticipation, carry out the actual date, and even prayer notes to prepare your heart for the evening.

Also included is an 80 page booklet written by Family Life gurus to help foster and ignite romance.

A couple of my FAVORITE things about Simply Romantic Nights are:

1. You don’t have to pay for a sitter. All of the dates happen at home after hours. All you have to do is make sure your kids are in bed. Or if you don’t have kids, do it in the middle of the day, you lucky buggers!

If your kids have trouble going to bed or you feel like you’re too tired after hours, then plan ahead. Simply Romantic Nights encourages you to put romance on the calendar. Pick a day that date will happen and then prepare…your kids…your mind…unnamed (1)

2. Everything is included. It’s like you’re very only paper Pinterest. And the ideas are intriguing and unique. Some of the date titles are Strip Scrabble, Fruit of Passion, Tic-Tac-Toe, I Spy. You can assume this is not your 3-year-old’s I Spy! There’s even an Anniversary Celebration. The dates are fun and give you and your spouse a chance to connect in memorable ways.

3. The 80 page booklet fosters intimacy chats. Sometimes we need a little nudge to have those intimate conversations. It doesn’t always come up in casual talks after cleaning up a diaper explosion! The included booklet starts the conversation. There’s even a special quiz for you and your hunka to take to help you understand each other better in an intimate light.

As with any worry in my life, I try to be proactive and do what I can. I don’t want to sit around waiting for my marriage to fall apart at the feet of our kids. Simply Romantic Nights is just one tool we use to stay connected. And have a little fun with each other 🙂

How do you intentionally stay connected with your special someone? 

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