2 Ways to Organize Away Worry

For some of us, the start of the new school year is like January 1st. It’s the perfect time for new starts. We resolve to make better breakfasts, be more organized in the morning, not be late, and in general be the school parent we’ve always dreamed of being.

That usually means we need to be more organized.

So that’s what I’ve been trying to do for the last couple of months. I have a lot of responsibilities I’m trying to juggle and I need a road map for my days.

Does your

I realized something as I sought to organize my craziness:

I worry more when I’m stressed.

This seems like a total DUH, but sometimes the obvious is veiled.

This last Tuesday I felt anxiety creep into my body as I unpacked 4 boxes of homeschooling curriculum. As I waded through teacher guides, my mind darted to my new job at church that needed attention…until I noticed the library books strewn behind the couch.

Each distraction dragged a worry behind it.

“I’m never going to be able to figure out all of this curriculum! I’m not going to be able to home school and my kids will be behind if they stay home with me.”

“I’m going to let the church down if I don’t do work immediately.”

“My kids are going to be sloppy and disrespectful of other’s stuff. Plus I’m going to have a huge library fine for lost or torn books!”

Does your mind ever morph stress into worry? 

Or do you ever feel more susceptible to worry when your life is chaotic?

I sure do! But a couple of organizational strategies have helped me recently. My sister-in-law is my go to when it comes to organizing. She shared these 2 tools that help me de-stress, and ultimately minimize some worry.

FlyLady Her book and site offers simple steps to get your house cleaned and organized.

The overall philosophy is that change in your house actually comes through change in your thinking. Her steps are manageable, super practical, and you can see immediate results…if not in your home, in your attitude! I love me some FlyLady 🙂

Bullet Journal – I had missed this phenomenon until a couple of weeks ago thanks to my wise sis-in-law. The basic concept can be found here.


To me, what’s genius about it is the idea of an index. I often have dozens of thoughts flitting in and out of my head, and I end up having dozens of scraps of paper or several notebooks with random lists in them.

The index of a bullet journal allows me to house all of my life’s list (house cleaning, home school stuff, church work, etc.) in one journal…and in an organized way!

When I can release my thoughts to paper, I don’t worry about trying to remember them OR trying to accomplish them all at once. My bullet journal has brought a ton of structure to my life – and has squelched chaos related worry.

My hope is that even though I’m type ZZ on the personality spectrum, I can organize life enough to deflate some worry. And maybe get some more restful sleep!

What organizational strategies help you de-stress and release worry?

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