A Story of Fitness

Cast Your Worries is proud to welcome Melissa Meyer who blogs at fit4liferx. Not only is she an incredible athlete, but she is also one of the sincerest encouragers I’ve met!

Today she shares how fitness has impacted worries in her life and how God actually designed our bodies to benefit from movement.

January, the start of a new year, but the beginning of what would end up being one the most trying years for my family.   Our faith, strength, and endurance was about to go through the largest test. What started as two grand mal seizures turned into months of uncertainty and unrest.  My gut told me my dad’s condition was serious but I did not want to believe it to be true.

In the months following, my father was taken from specialist to specialist, with no clear diagnosis.  As I sat with my mom and dad at Northwestern medicine on March 20th our world was about to be tuned upside down. My dad had a brain tumor, which later turned out to be brain cancer. Continue reading