Hear the Words

Words matter. I try not to use them carelessly, and I’m aware of the weight they can carry. I especially notice words when I listen to music. Artists are usually trying to communicate something, whether it’s a melancholy feeling, anger, admiration, or straight up fun.

Christian music is no exception…and neither are the Christmas tunes that currently dominate the stations. Jingle Bells gets all 4 kids boppin, and Silent Night puts our youngest to sleep. The Little Drummer Boy takes us to the crib of Jesus, and has an amazing bass line!

However my top pick of the season has to be Mary Did You Know. I especially like this version. The lyrics draw to mind the power of the little manger baby. His birth is the culmination of thousands of years of prophecies, wrapped up in a tight little human bundle.

And Mary gets to touch him, kiss him, snuggle him, walk and talk with him.

As I listen, I’m reminded that someday I will too. I won’t change his diapers like Mary…but there will come a day that Jesus will be as real to me as my sweet baby.

Until that day comes the song calls to mind the character of God – healer, dominant over nature, Redeemer, deliverer, LORD, I AM. With each line, I insert my name and meditate on the acts of my King.

Brandy, did you know this baby boy would one day walk on water?

Brandy, did you know this baby boy would save our sons and daughters?

These lyrics help keep the gravity of His birth at the forefront of my Christmas days. As the holiday worries creep in, it’s a gift to focus on the One who quells the anxiety. And this song does just the trick!

Try putting your name in the song – because He came for you too!

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2 thoughts on “Hear the Words

  1. Thank you for your post…I really appreciate how you see into scripture and make it applicable to my daily life. What a beautiful version of this song and one of my favorites!

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