Who’s Doing the Lovin’?

It’s love weekend…the time where we take a break and focus some love on those we cherish. Or, according to Hallmark, we’re supposed to 🙂

Some people go all out for Valentine’s Day and shower their darling with cards and treats and surprises. Some poor souls get puppies as a surprise. Not sure I’d want a puppy…

When we were dating my dear Jim planned a scavenger hunt all around the Seminary campus. The challenge ended at the top of the bell tower (and involved me walking blindfolded around the courtyard!), where he had set up a romantic steak dinner. What a memory!

Since then, Valentine’s Day has changed. Some years we’ve forgotten it’s Valentines Day. Others have been celebrated amidst the screams of our toddlers. Despite our lackluster Valentine days, we strive for love everyday, through the challenges and arguments, the busy children and moves, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Continue reading

What Are You Looking At?

I did something awful the other night: I watched a documentary. Generally they’re interesting, and benign to my heart. This one was different; so gut wrenching that I spent an hour sobbing and processing with Jim what I had witnessed.

It told of an innocent child that was murdered by his mentally unbalanced mother, while she was out on bail for having visciously murdered the baby’s father. (I really thought the whole movie was going to turn out differently! I should’ve turned it off sooner…)

And it wasn’t just the movie that upset me.

At church we’ve been studying the topic of abortion. I was distraught by the facts…there are 40 – 50 million innocent babies being murdered every year in the world.

There are so many innocents experiencing pain.

Pain isn’t a sufficient word. Continue reading