I Used To Be Fun

That’s what I kept thinking the other night. As I reflected on my day of homeschooling 3 tornadoes I cringed at my serious, harsh, controlling tone that ruled the day. I snapped at my oldest, scowled at my boy, and talked impatiently with my 3-year-old.

I used to be fun.

When I was a camp counselor, I was the most carefree mentor around. I was goofy, playful, warm, and I smiled more. I was a relaxed Sunday school teacher and I could work the room at any social gathering.

I thought for sure I would have this whole mom thing locked up. I thought I would have more fun with my kids. Why wouldn’t I when I had so much fun with everyone else?! What I didn’t account for was the effect of worry on my ability to relax.

Worry steals my fun. I stiffen up when I feel the need to control things. I get serious and tighten up mentally and emotionally. I have expectations of the mom and person I want to be. When I don’t live up to them, I worry that I’m letting everyone down, especially my kids. And that’s when I’m no fun.  Continue reading


Back to School Prayers and Blessings

It’s that time of year…back to school! Unfortunately, worry doesn’t take a break, even for school. In fact, the beginning of the school year can arouse worry and anxiety not only for our kids, but also for us as parents.


As you arm your students with pens and paper, consider equipping them with specific Scriptures for their days. Or pray intentionally over them as they eat breakfast, board the bus, or drive away for the first time.

Here are some examples: Continue reading

Enjoying My Lot

“Behold, what I have seen to be good and fitting is to eat and drink and find enjoyment in all the toil with which one toils under the sun the few days of his life that God has given him, for this is his lot.”

Ecclesiastes 5:18

I woke up this morning angry that my kids were in my bedroom before 7 AM.  Their little voices pierced my eardrums and I felt like I was at a Metallica concert, front and center.  I jumped out of bed, grumbling all the way to their bedroom, where I slammed the door and climbed into their bed…only to be met with loud knocks and questions, “What are you doing in there?”

“Go away!” was my reply. Continue reading

Control Steals Blessings

DSC01937 - Copy

Don’t be deceived; this sweet little lion is not trying to give me her candy.  Far from it.  She’s showing me her candy.  I don’t think 30 lion tamers could pry the candy out of her hands without screams, scratches, and one heck of a battle. Continue reading