How a Birthing Method Helps Battle Worry

I’ve used elements of my birthing method just about everyday since I took the class 6 years ago.  No, I have not birthed thousands of children, nor have I endured the stages of labor more than 3 times.  But there are two elements I use to help me relax…and to get me through the physical reactions of worry.


When we worry, our body prepares as if we’re going to experience physical danger.  Worry puts us into a fight or flight response…so our brain releases adrenaline and cortisol to prepare us for whatever lies ahead.  These hormones make our hearts pump faster, so we breathe faster and sweat more. Continue reading


1 Easy Step to Contentment

Content…doesn’t that sound like a cozy blanket kind of word?  The kind of feeling you want to wrap around you, while holding a steamy mug of hot chocolate and taking deep satisfying breaths.  It’s the way I want to feel in the midst of my worries.  It’s the way I want to feel with my life.  Content. Continue reading

I Don’t Like Your Face

photo credit Jay Potts

photo credit Jay Potts

I don’t like your face.  Something you might hear on the school playground, or at a modeling agency, or when Rocky comes home after fighting Apollo Creed.  This is a phrase few of us want to hear, unless we’re dressed as a zombie at Halloween.  Well I heard this recently, from my 5-year-old daughter.  And she wasn’t saying it to her brother.  She was saying it to me! Continue reading