Is Celery Healthy?

This is a question I get a lot in my house.  Is _________ healthy?

Is watermelon healthy?

Are cookies healthy?

Which is healthier: peanut butter or jelly?

I have two reactions to these questions.

1. Pride
My babies are thinking about food and trying to eat healthy. What parent doesn’t want their kids to make wise choices about the food they eat?

2. Worry
Unfortunately, this reaction far outweighs my pride.  You see, I’m concerned my kids are beginning to develop my food disorder.  They’re thinking way too much about if something’s healthy or not.  It hasn’t inhibited them from eating foods, but they’re often asking about the nutritional value of a meal. They’re looking for the best foods to eat.

I know how to answer their questions about cookies and watermelon.  I bust out some Cookie Monster wisdom: Continue reading


How Worry Can Help You

For the longest time I didn’t like date night with my DH.  Seems like a ridiculous thing to say considering we have 4 children…who I homeschool…and am with constantly!  This mama needs a break with her hunka hotness hubby every once in a while.

Yet I had extreme anxiety each time we’d go out on a date. Continue reading

The Best Way to be Overwhelmed

Where were you one year ago?

I was 3 months pregnant and suffering through some awful all-day-long sickness.  It was so bad that even water repulsed me. Water.

A lot has changed in the past year.  I can enjoy water again.  We have our 4th child, a healthy little boy, who I affectionately call Mister Mister.  And we have completely changed our state, community, church, and house.  In fact, most of these changes happened in the last 4 months.

Now I wish I was one of those bloggers who chronicle through life’s transitions.  A blogger who is organized and sane enough to jot down some witty insights in the midst of the muck.  But I’m not.  Truth is I’ve barely kept my head above water.  By all appearances life should be good.  Mister Mister is a healthy easy baby, our new community is bursting with opportunities to connect, our church is eager and vibrant, and our house is a country escape. Continue reading