God Spoke to Me Through a Song

I sat at my desk terrified.  Sharp pains ran through my hips and across my belly.  It was the same pain I had experienced 2 and a half years earlier.  This same pain that landed me in my OB’s office for an ultrasound.  This pain that revealed a lifeless baby floating in my uterus.  Just a week prior we had heard the heartbeat for the first time.  At 10 weeks we lost our first baby.  And it all started with the same pain. Continue reading

Coffee with Jesus

A friend forwarded this to me last week.  It’s from a website called Radio Free Babylon, or sometimes more commonly known as “Coffee with Jesus“.  They draw cartoon scenarios with Jesus, coffee, and a relevant topic.

Last post we talked about the question Is Worry a Sin?   While I believe biblically all signs point to YES, worry is a sin, I had to share this cartoon with you.