Know Him

Over the last two posts, we’ve outlined two tactics to battle worry.  They are

  1. Know Your Enemy
  2. Know Your Weapons

The last piece is the most critical.  Let’s take a look at one of Jesus’ most passionate disciples to consider what it means to Know Him. Continue reading


Know Your Weapons

The taunts of the behemoth compelled him to enter the tent.  He was appalled that this one man defied an army…and the one, true God.  Something had to be done.  The reluctant monarch armed him with bronze and blade.  Yet the lion-hearted boy could barely stand under the weight.  He didn’t know these weapons.  They were not his own.  So he shed them, took up the weapons of a shepherd, and ushered the giant to his death. Continue reading

Grand Canyon Marshmallows

Happy New Year to y’all!  I’m still bloated and buzzing from all of the sugar cookies and sugar cream cake and pulled pork sandwiches and buffalo chicken dip and ahh, delicious food!  I think I’ve literally gained 9 pounds, 3 in my face.  But so worth it.  I guess holiday food is why classes at the gym are overflowing in January.  Gotta lose the weight and start new habits. Continue reading