Freeze the Worry Out of Food

This week’s guest post comes from a dear friend I admire and respect as a missional woman living out her faith daily. Jessica Gebbink is gifted in many areas, and today she shares with us the benefits of freezer cooking. It’s amazing how a ready-made, healthy meal can relieve some anxiety!  

There are a lot of things that give me anxiety as a mom, and it sounds weird, but FOOD is a big one! Are they eating enough? Is it the right food? Are they eating enough fruits and vegetables? Are there ingredients I can’t pronounce in this? Are chicken nuggets “real food” (again!)?

One way  I cope with food-anxiety (is that a thing?) is Freezer Cooking! Yes, it may sound a little intimidating at first, but the joy of pulling ready-made breakfast, lunch and dinner out of the freezer, that I made with my own two hands, not only cuts down on my food-fears, but saves me money and time! Continue reading

Blessing Those Who Grieve

The kids in our house know about our fifth child. Big sister randomly mentions her, wondering how old she’ll be when we meet her in heaven. We all wonder if the baby would have been a boy or girl. In small ways, I still grieve the little life we miscarried eight years ago.

We had all the joy and anticipation of new parents, even though the pregnancy was only 10 weeks along. People adviced us not to announce too early, but once we heard the heartbeat, our doctor said there was a 2% chance that something could go wrong.

2%…that was an amazing statistic, and one we were willing to bank on. After all, we were eager to share, and anxious for prayers.

We announced the news at church, and I told the 6th grade class I taught. I even received a few gifts!

Just 4 short days later, we were sitting with the doctor, looking at a lifeless lump on the ultrasound monitor. The baby’s heart had stopped; our first child had died.  Continue reading